HS Senior's School Reveal & Hot Air Balloons... what a great combination.

I’m a little late in posting this blog but life has been incredibly crazy: Good but crazy! One of my HS Senior Influencers was accepted to Washburn University, and was interested in doing a school reveal session. Well, of course I wanted to make this happen so we headed to Topeka for a campus visit to do the shoot. I made the suggestion to follow up the school reveal with a hot air balloon rally to capture some shots at the balloon glow with some pilots and crew that I know. Her family bought off on my idea, the pilots and crews welcomed her with open arms, and everyone made her day.

I really appreciate her willingness to try different things, and accept the photo shoots I conjure up in my head. She’s a blast to be around and her family is so supportive of her. I look forward to my next kooky idea, and hope that she eagerly accepts the challenge. So, without further ado - here are the images for you to enjoy.