Eloy Martinez

I am a photographer that uses images to tell the story behind the scene.  I have been behind the lens for the past ten years, perfecting my brand for people seeking something beyond the ordinary.  I operate on the premise of providing emotional images through fun, enjoyable photo sessions at locations of your choice.

My primary focus is on family and senior portraits but I constantly seek opportunities to hone and expand my skills by shooting outside my comfort zone, and continuing education.  I conduct photography workshops and photo-walks to teach and develop new photographers.  I have built my business on the foundations of honesty, dependability, commitment, and creative obsession.

My family has been, and always will be my true inspiration in my photography. I have been married to my bride for 24 years, and she and my two children have endured countless “Dad, put the camera away” moments; enabling me to document a lifetime of cherished moments.  I am a native Texan who has relocated to Kansas but has traveled all over North, Central, and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.  I earned a BS in Business from Troy University and a MS in Business from The University of Kansas.  My travels have provided opportunities to shoot some amazing photographs and meet some amazing people. My love for photography started out as a hobby but has become a big part of my life, and I cannot image a life without it.

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