D. J. Fugazzotto

Yesterday was a fun day for a photography geek out session with a fellow photographer.  We had been talking about needing head shots for various reasons but we had put it off for at least two months. Well, we finally pulled the trigger and decided to just do it.

We managed to attract the attention of the security personnel for the building in which we work.  Thank goodness we are faculty instructors so it seemed easier to beg forgiveness than it would have been to ask permission.  Wrong? I'll let you decide.  I don't think so but I know I will make arrangements before I do it again!  

We my light set up and equipment to both shoot from, just needing to move my flash trigger from my camera to his.  Then, you guessed it - we used his set up, needing to move his flash trigger from his camera to mine.  It was really fun:  We goofed off and we challenged ourselves because I was shooting TTL and he used a manual set up.  Here are a few shots I got of him so if you find yourself needing some head shots... drop me a line!